Nintendo Switch For Gamers With Disabilities: Blind Man Plays 1-2 Switch

screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-11-18-08-pm Many gamers never think about what it's like for players with disabilities. 1-2 Switch takes a new approach to gaming without using the screen and relying on feedback and sounds to play. 1-2 Switch is the game that those who are blind or hearing-impaired can play with their families.

Check out the story below from a Reddit user about playing 1-2 Switch with her blind husband. It's great to see a game that can bring families together, regardless of one's disabilities being involved.

Even though it's just me and my husband (who is totally blind), I bought 1-2 Switch because I figured it would be a little reminiscent of Wii Play or Wii Sports. When he got home from work at 7 I put the game in and asked him to play with me. I didn't expect to play for more than 15 minutes, but it was after 9 before we quit. We went through every game except for the ones that seem too sight-based (like the dancing ones and the treasure chest game). I was amazed at how accessible this game is for blind people. So many of the games require listening for a prompt to react (like Quick Draw) or feeling the rumble in the joy con to know when you've hit the mark (like in Safe Crack). Out of the 28 games he was able to play against me in 21 or 22 or of them, and he beat me most of the time. Even at ping pong! So it turns out, this was a worthy investment for me. :)