Everything I've Pre-Ordered for the Nintendo Switch Launch

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-10-18-05-pm The Switch is less than two weeks away and only one weekend separates us from the big launch. Currently, stores like Amazon and GameStop are sold out of inventory, but the games and accessories are all still in stock.

The following items are everything I've pre-ordered for the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Console (Gray)

I woke up early on pre-ordering day to be able to get the Switch at GameStop and luckily, I was third in line. This means that I will indeed have the Switch on launch day. I decided on the gray variety because I like to keep my entertainment center simple and clean.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Who wouldn't pre-order this? I am not the biggest Zelda fan , but I do respect the game. This was a no-brainer for launch day, and I look forward to this anticipated launch title. I did decide on the standard edition, which was pre-ordered at GameStop.

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1-2 Switch 

1-2 Switch may not be the greatest game, but with the small lineup of titles available at launch, I do think everyone at least take an interest. This is the game that will show off the Switch's hardware capabilities, including its unique HD Rumble on the Joy-Con Controllers.  And with 30–40 mini games packed in, I'm hoping this game will be enjoyable.

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